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The Garage Ministries started in response to the desperate need that people have for a reliable, safe, and affordable form of transportation.

A car that needs repairs affects a person's ability to get to a job and earn a living. This, in turn, puts their ability to pay bills, provide groceries for their family, get their children to school, and attend medical appointments, in severe jeopardy. With the support of churches, businesses, and individuals in the community, and the volunteered time of master mechanics, we are able to provide people in need with quality low-cost or no-cost car repair.


The garage is equipped to service vehicles for every person from every walk of life. Fair market value is charged for those who can afford it and adjusted for those who cannot. Our outreach not only fills a daily need in people's lives, but it also demonstrates that their lives, jobs, and families matter not only to us, but to the community as a whole.


People have been told all along that "Jesus cares about them," and that "we will be praying for their needs." The Garage is here to show them, not just tell them.

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